Free Gratitude Journal Printable for Kids

Free Gratitude Journal Printable for Kids


Are your kids struggling at all right now, with everything going on in the world? Mine are mostly doing okay, but some days are tough. We try to encourage them to end their days thinking about what they are grateful for so they can go to sleep with a happier heart. Some days are easy and some days take a little more effort. But we all feel more joyful and optimistic when we take the time to focus on all we do have in our lives, instead of focusing on what we don't.

It's a simple practice and one that can be done just by talking with your children as you're tucking in them to bed. But sometimes, the act of writing it down and being able to go back and read it later, can be worth the extra effort. Grab an extra notebook or journal for your kids to use, or download the free printable below. Just print out a handful of copies, cut the pages in half and staple them together for a week of star-studded gratefulness. 



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