6 Books To Teach Kids About Saving & Spending

6 Books To Teach Kids About Saving & Spending

While hands-on experience is important for kids to learn about money, books and stories are a wonderful way for kids to learn new concepts, empathize with characters, or become inspired to try something new.

These six books are a wonderful introduction to saving and spending, and most of them explore and teach other financial aspects, too, making them great well-rounded books for teaching kids about money!


Six books to teach kids about saving and spending

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Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
By Judith Viorst
Ages 3-8
Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday is a classic book that explores the concepts of saving and spending through the eyes of a little boy who receives a dollar from his Grandparents. At first, he happily imagines all the things he can buy with a dollar, but soon notices that his money has disappeared.
Happy Birthday Mali More
By Tiffany Aliche
Ages 4-7
Happy Birthday Mali More is a richly illustrated story of a young girl’s 6th birthday party and the valuable lessons she learns. With rhyming, counting, and rhythmic storytelling it’s a wonderful book for introducing younger kids to the concept that receiving money and gifts isn’t everything.
Grandma’s Special Gift - Luke and Dee Dee’s Money Adventures Book 1
By Sammie Joseph-Fredericks
Ages 4-9
The first book in a planned five book series that follows two 9 year old friends, Luke and Dee Dee, as they learn important, and relatable, money lessons.

In Grandma’s Special Gift, Luke receives a special gift from his Grandma: three envelopes with money and instructions. Both Luke and Dee Dee gain valuable insights to saving, spending, and sharing in this book.
Spending at the Fair - Luke and Dee Dee’s Money Adventures Book 2
By Sammie Joseph-Fredericks
Ages 4-9
In Spending at the Fair, Luke and Dee Dee discover that the money they brought from their spending jars might not be enough to do all the things they want to do, and in the process, learn how to get creative with their spending.
The Secret Life of Money: A Kids Guide to Cash
By Kira Vermond
Ages 9-13
The Secret Life of Money goes beyond the basics of save, share, spend, to give older kids insights into a broader realm of financial topics - such as the history of currency and how credit cards work - and delves more into the emotional side of money in exploring how money “changes, influences, and (even) betters their lives."
The Missing Money - Money Monsters Book 1
By Okeoma Moronu-Schreiner
Ages 3-7
The Missing Money is a fun, creative book that follows the experiences of Kai, a young boy who’s seemingly lost all his money when the ATM monster eats it. It’s a wonderful introduction to modern banking concepts through an imaginative, beautifully illustrated story.

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Amazing to see books by black authors! It means alot to our children as they grow. The lessons children learn from these books cannot be overemphasized. Thank you!

Jamesetta Diggs

Kudos to these amazing authors for your wealth of ideas shared in these books….my kids are learning how to manage money!

Gloria Page

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